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Legal Notice

Legal Notice

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Omega World Travel, Inc. does not make any representation or warranty as to any tour company, airline, cruise line, car rental company, or hotel service level, safety level, or intended performance. Omega World Travel, Inc. acts as an independent agent and does not have any influence or control over the performance or operations of other service providers.

The customer understands and agrees that some services provided on this site are offered by third parties that are independent of Omega World Travel, Inc. and that this company is bound by the terms and conditions of the service providers. The customer also understands and agrees that most service providers (including: airlines, tour companies, hotels, cruise lines, and others) have strict cancellation policies in the purchase of some services. The purchases will often be non-refundable and a cancellation may result in forfeiting the cost of the service or a penalty. The customer, therefore, understands and agrees to be bound by the terms, conditions, and restrictions of the aforementioned service providers and will not hold Omega World Travel, Inc. liable for any cancellation refund policy of the service providers.

Omega World Travel, Inc. makes no warranty or representation to the completeness or accuracy of information on this site. The company is not liable for any failure to update changes in a timely manner, or for any unavailability of special offers. Omega World Travel, Inc. reserves the right to modify and change all information contained on this site or to the services described therein, without notice, but Omega World Travel, Inc. does not commit to update such information. Omega World Travel, Inc. is not liable for any damages, lost profits, injuries, savings, or goodwill resulting from your use or inability to use information provided on this site. We recommend verifying information from this site before you use or act upon it.

Omega World Travel, Inc. is not liable for content on other sites referenced or linked on this site, and is not liable for any damages or injury arising from said content. These links are provided for user's’ convenience. Omega World Travel, Inc. does not regularly review content from other sites.

The carriage or accommodations of passengers, baggage, and cargo will be subject to terms and conditions in the Passenger Ticket Contracts of the service providers. Other products and services will also be subject to third party providers’ terms and conditions. Details may be obtained from each individual service provider.

All communication sent on this site or otherwise to Omega World Travel, Inc. are on a non-confidential basis, and Omega World Travel, Inc. is not under obligation to refrain from using them for another purpose. Omega World Travel, Inc. is free to use content of communications, including ideas, inventions, techniques, or know-how disclosed for any purpose. This includes developing, manufacturing, marketing, and more.

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