Trees4Travel World Sustainability Partner

Omega World Travel is passionate about supporting our client’s sustainability goals.

We believe we must all work together if we are to reconcile safeguarding commercial success through travel, with the protection and enhancement of our planet. In recognition of this, we have curated an impactful menu of services for our clients to fit their individual CSR requirements.

Trees for Travel Omega World Travel has partnered with Trees4Travel, to create a seamless ethical carbon offset programme which includes both voluntary and certified carbon units, available to all clients. Trees4Travel is part of the United Nations’ Trillion Tree Community, to ensure the conservation & restoration of one trillion trees within this decade.

Through this partnership Omega is able to calculate the carbon footprint of any trip proposed or taken and on completion, converting it into trees, giving a simple and effective way to understand and manage emissions.

Sustainability Trees are scientifically proven to be the most effective existing answer to carbon absorption and storage. They are also nature’s choice and provide a vital habitat for our animals, birds, and plant life. In addition, forest protection can be a huge resource for indigenous communities who can harvest food, medicine ingredients etc whilst preserving the trees themselves for future generations. The planet has lost around 50% of its trees. However, together we can reverse this.

  • The Programme is Simple - We handle the seamless data entry calculating the number of trees required to offset each individual trip, based on the first ten years of the tree’s growth. 
  • The Programme is Tangible - Trees4Travel only plant indigenous trees for reforestation of protected lands by verified projects. These trees are never to be farmed, but instead recreate bio-diverse habitats for wildlife and ensure flora and fauna thrive.
  • The Programme is Inexpensive - It shows your commitment to supporting your sustainability goals.
  • Once Onboarded with the Scheme - It is free to join and you will have access to a detailed account dashboard which offers:
      • A calculator to help you gauge the CO2 impact of any planned trip
      • A locator to show you where your trees are planted
      • A CO2 account ‘balance’ showing emissions by department or cost centre, or even by individual employee, plus a company overview
  • ‘What if’ scenario reporting to demonstrate how you could reduce your team’s CO2 impact, as well as make more mindful and economical travel decisions for both your bottom line . . . and the planet’s! 

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Updated 12/05/21


 Harmonising Travel with the Environment