Management Reporting: Omegalytics

Omegalytics is a proprietary web-based reporting system that contains all of the data that legacy reporting systems provide, but in a customised online tool that gives users greater control over how they view their data. Omegalytics includes traveller tracking, carbon footprint tracking, benchmarking, and predictive analytics, offering significant enhancements over other best-in-class systems.

Executive Summary
With the Executive Summary Dashboard, users can drill down into air, hotel, car and rail, narrowing to traveller level data in just a few clicks. Additionally, they are able to measure online adoption data throughout all travel categories, see trend analysis at every level in the desired timeframe (year, quarter, month, week), and export and send each compartment of the dashboard data via email directly from the dashboard interface.

Executive Summary

Users can benchmark their travel data against other companies (Omega clientele and other travel management company clientele) using data from Airlines Reporting Corporation with the Benchmarking Dashboard in Omegalytics

Benchmarking Analysis

What-If Scenarios
By using forward-forecasting, the What-If Scenarios Dashboard offers insight into the potential savings that can be achieved by altering vendor usage and traveller behaviour.

What If Scenario

Traveler Tracking
Users can view a snapshot of travellers worldwide on the Traveller Tracking Dashboard. Search by traveller name, country, city, vendor, flight number, and more on this interactive map with an easy-to-use search function

Traveler Tracking

CO2 Footprint Tracking
The Carbon Footprint Tracking Dashboard offers reporting, scoring, and analysis, breaking down your footprint by product category, including air, hotel, car and rail.

Carbon Footprint Tracking

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Updated 03/09/20