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Quality Operations

Quality Operations

At Omega World Travel, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Everything we do is geared toward focusing on an everyday commitment to excellence. We hire experienced travel professionals who deliver the best service, products, and the latest technology to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


MegaAssure is Omega World Travel's automated quality control system. It screens all reservations booked either by our travel consultants or on online booking tools to ensure accurate data and accounting. The system searches constantly for lower fares, waitlist clearances, and seat assignments.

The MegaAssure system automatically checks for:
  • Lowest Air Fare via FareChek
  • Best Seating via SeatChek
  • Wait Listing preferences via SpaceChek
  • Pre-trip Itinerary verification via TripChek
  • Whole trip "everything" review via PreChek
  • Hotel Room confirmation via HotelChek
  • Car Rental discounts via CarChek

Quality Control Technology

  • ResMail: create and distribute customized itineraries directly to you
  • AutoTicket: eliminate manual agent intervention, lowering the cost of each reservation
  • Ticketbank: tracks and monitors unused e-tickets
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