Green Travel

Green Travel Programmes

Omega World Travel is here to help your organisation reach your green travel goals. Our optimised strategies and services reflect our passion towards protecting the environment to the best of our ability for the next generation. Long-term business sustainability requires considering more than commercial needs. Omega does not just fulfil our clients’ necessities, but also makes a positive impact on society and the environment.

Services Omega Offers
  Micro-donation/micro-giving opportunities that make it easy for our clients to donate small amounts to charities or environmental/humane causes they feel passionate about during the booking/ticketing process by offering online micro donation opportunities via Omega CSR business partnerships.
  Internal sustainability that includes how we optimise our energy consumption, support local environmental and social accountability initiatives, and encourage employees to act responsibly.
  Externally we develop sustainable technologies that help our customers realise their own socially responsible and environment-friendly goals.

Optimised Strategies
We offer companies and businesses the following optimised strategies driven by the latest technology and implemented to fit each client’s managed travel program and travel policy requirements.
  Reporting: allowing clients to forecast and track travel/er patterns, i.e., 1) frequency of travel, 2) how they travel – train, plane, auto, 3) time of travel – day, night, off-peak 4) spend and category – first, business, coach, 5) accommodations – ecofriendly or other
  Tracking: CO2 emissions, reporting and benchmarking for CSR decision making
  Coordinating: with our clients and our vendors – airlines, hotels, car rental agencies and other providers to implement micro-giving at time of booking/ticketing
  Leveraging: working with hotel, car and airlines to create CSR opportunities for clients
  Researching: constantly looking for new and current ways to support our clients in attaining their CSR goals per travel policy, corporate mission statement

CO2 Footprint Tracking
Omega World Travel offers CO2 footprint tracking, reporting, scoring and analysing as part of a current and sound business model for clients. CO2 foot printing is considered an environmentally friendly service and offers clients a way to document a “travel green” policy and fulfill internally and externally mandated requirements. Airlines, cars and even hotels and some specialised tour operators promote their “green” responsible travel practices that focus on economic, socio-cultural, and environmental sustainability.

Updated 02/03/21