Deploying an End-to-End Travel Management Solution

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Bruker UK Limited is the sales, service and distribution operation primarily for the UK and Ireland for its Bruker manufacturing sites worldwide. Bruker represents the market leader in scientific instruments for molecular and materials research as well as industrial and applied analysis. Bruker worldwide spends millions every year on research and development to sustain its marker leader presence. Bruker UK is therefore tasked with return on investment and is closely monitored across the business. Travel expenditure is no exception to the rule. With the ever increasing task of saving efficiencies across the business sectors, Bruker UK have encompassed productivity and efficiency in to their core company objectives.

The company’s commercial contract specialist, Lisa Barnett, decided it was time to revamp the travel and expense policy and programme under her company responsibility of travel and expense management. Optimising savings opportunities while increasing traveller productivity and efficiency through traveller engagement were the main aims. Global travel management company (TMC) Omega World Travel was enlisted through successful tender completion to review policy and procedures, and lead the implementation of an end-to-end travel management solution.

Concur Travel & Expense was identified as the best fit for business operations and rolled out across the company. Omega already boasted a strong relationship with Concur in the US market. The TMC’s unique air and hotel content aggregation addressed savings targets, and supported best fare on the day booking policy that runs in tandem with the preferred supplier programme.

Francesco Deluca, Omega’s director of sales and client services, said: “Implementing an online booking tool (OBT) with integrated expense management and payment solutions was an important step for Bruker UK. It has made the process much slicker for the traveller, the travel manager and finance departments. But it would not have been possible without concise planning, partnership with our clients, and buy-in from the executive leadership team.”

Once the full online and offline solutions had been scoped and the project roadmap agreed, weekly calls took place between the client’s travel manager and Omega’s implementation team to ensure all items were completed within the allotted timeframe.

Lisa Barnett said: “By the end of the first quarter of the partnership, the goal of 60% on-line adoption had been exceeded by 5%. No leakage was detected. It was a resounding success. Over the following six months, adoption rose to 75% and today sits at 85%. With Omega’s support, the figure continues to rise.”

Omega dedicated implementation and account manager, Nicola Smith, is in constant contact with Lisa to ensure the policy, programme and procedures are tailored to meet the company’s evolving requirements. Travellers are also made to feel engaged during briefings and open discussion workshops. As a positive approach is adapted to securing the future of a dedicated travel and expense management programme the travellers are more likely to comply when they understand the lengths to which their employer has gone to ensure their comfort and safety on the road.

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Updated 06/01/23